I’ve felt kind of invested in whether or not Samira Wiley was queer and I initially thought that was kind of a weird thing to worry about, but after her relationship with Lauren Morelli was announced, I realized it was just that it’s kind important to me for queer actors to play queer characters more and more, particularly when they’re characters like Poussey, who is a character I really strongly empathize with?

i’d watch the porno of the movie of the book
It would get weird. And it would be banned because my performance would be deemed too provactive for America.


Shirtless nonsense


Goldfarts and masc4cruller were kind enough to come up with a memoir name for me.


im not saying I have daddy issues but I have been spanked by a man 10+ years older than me so it’s w/e I guess

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"By the way, if Ernest Hemingway was still alive, he’d beat the shit out of these fucking hipsters. There would just be trails of bloody hipsters coming out of artisanal coffee shops and beard wax stores. These men are 38 and are barely prepared for pet ownership."

Natasha Leggero


wisforwonder broke down and went to a Starbucks.

goldfarts: He once told me that Starbucks is only a public bathroom and drinking from there would be like drinking from a bathroom. Which actually sounds just up his alley.


What the extraordinary Orphan Black proves is that the geek community is not just ready for one type of badass woman; it’s ready for (at least) five.

Because Maslany’s performance and the show’s writing contain multitudes and run the gamut of archetypal feminine strength. We have Sarah (who covers wiliness, brawn, and a mothering instinct), Cosima (sheer brain power), Alison (cunning, heightened femininity, and another kind of mothering instinct), Rachel (ruthless ambition), and, best of all, Helena (relentless, feral strength). Helena is the show’s true gift to women, particularly in this season when she took on masculine oppression wherever she went…


Vanity Fair, “Why Is Orphan Black Still Fighting a War Buffy Should Have Won Over 10 Years Ago?” (x)

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